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Artem Naumenko: The Life & Love of A World Renowned Tattoo Artist

Artem Naumenko is an award winningw artist from Ukraine with a lifelong passion for visual art.

While studying at university, he explored various forms of art, including photography, and even launched his own clothing brand which featured his unique designs.

In 2013, he discovered his love for dotwork tattoos and began sketching in this style. After receiving numerous requests from people to bring his designs to life on their skin, he decided to try his hand at tattooing and found his true calling in life.

“Tattoos are not just drawings on the body, they are something deeper and more meaningful. A tattoo should merge onto your body, complementing every individual’s dynamics, plasticity, and elegance.”

Throughout his career, Artem has focused on graphics by honing his skills and studying the drawing of various objects and experimenting with different techniques and color schemes. He eventually settled on botany, a style that requires great attention to detail, precise fine line work, and soft shading.

Artem carefully considers muscle anatomy which is how he creates tattoos that are timeless and beautiful, regardless of trends.

One of the most important turning points in Artem’s career occurred when he discovered the technique of using a gray wash to create an incredibly deep shadow effect at the Tattoo Collection Ukraine convention. This technique has since become a signature of his work, making his tattoos instantly recognizable and desirable worldwide.

In fact, Artem recently won the first prize for the best large black and gray tattoo at the tattoo convention in Brussels, where judges highly praised his skills and technique.

Artem has become a highly sought-after artist, receiving numerous invitations to guest at well-known studios worldwide, including Hood7, Vaders.Dye, Pardon Paris, Der Grimm, Ink District Amsterdam, and Sashatatooing Studio Barcelona.

He has collaborated and shared experiences with top artists such as, Riqueinglez,, Mafupoke. Additionally, Artem works with several fashion brands, including the Ukrainian nothing-holy, which features his sketches in their product designs.

In 2021, Artem managed his tattoo studio in Kyiv, where he trained three complete beginners who have now become successful artists themselves.

Unfortunately, due to the unsafe conditions caused by the Russian war in Ukraine, Artem had to move his studio to Hamburg, Germany. He now works primarily at Hood7 and travels all over Europe for work.

If you’re looking for a unique and timeless tattoo, be sure to check out Artem’s portfolio and contact him through his personal site.

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