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The Journey of Toro Trainer: 12 Arnold Classics and Seminars with Top Fitness Professionals from Across the Globe

Brian, better known as Toro Trainer, has taken the fitness industry by storm with his dedication to training and success in the industry. Recently, he convinced Carol Vaz, the most famous trainer in Brazil, to hold her first workshop with her athletes from the DNA Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The workshop was a success, with over 300 attendees watching Vivi Winkler live and sharing all her secrets about women’s training. Two years later, Toro did the same with world champion wellness Miss Olympia, Francielle Mattos, attracting the same number of attendees. In 2023, he plans to bring her to the United States for her first workshop, where she will launch her own brand of clothing and accessories. Toro has already created his LLC to manufacture his products and new clothing line in the United States and will soon hold seminars with the best PROs in the world.

Born on September 2 in Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, in southern Argentina, Toro began training and specializing in fitness at the age of 17. At 23, he opened his first gym and later moved to Buenos Aires to further specialize in his career as a trainer, traveling and learning from the best exponents of bodybuilding, including Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Roelly Winklar, Branch Warren, Manuel Romero, Fernando Márquez, Carol Vaz, Geraldine Morgan, Big José, Raúl Carrasco, Pannain, among others. Brian became a national champion athlete and began training his female category athletes, winning 12 Gold Medals at the Arnold Classic Brasil, 6 South Americans, 4 Mr Olympia, and 4 Pro Cards.

As an entrepreneur, after opening two gyms in his city, Toro patented his own brand of Fit TORO clothing and accessories. He held seminars, bringing athletes like world champion wellness Francielle Mattos, Vivi Winkler, Carol Vaz, Vanesa Garcia, Ricardo Pannain, to his country, filling and exhausting all available tickets. Now his goal is to grow his brand worldwide and take his athletes to the highest level, achieving the goals of all his clients with healthy habits. His passion has become his work.

His website,, provides information about the services Toro offers, which are described with the following words: «My different training plans use a large number of exercise variations, angles, intensification systems, and all exercises have their explanatory video to learn to do each of the different techniques correctly, preventing injuries and optimizing time. In short, I help us achieve your goals quickly and safely.»

The four key factors to consider when starting are training, nutrition, supplementation, and rest. These are the four pillars needed to achieve a real change, and they are considered extremely important and complementary, as one without the other does not achieve the same result.

In addition, Toro offers customized plans for each client, which is essential in achieving good results. Some of the studies that support Toro’s recommendations for his clients include:

  • Resistance training improves body composition and markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in older adults with sarcopenia.
  • Exercise training and nutritional supplementation for physical frailty in very elderly people.
  • Vitamin D supplementation in athletes.
  • Creatine supplementation and resistance training in older adults.

Toro’s success in the fitness industry is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and passion for helping others achieve their goals.


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