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Which State Has the Most Teams in 2023 March Madness?


The NCAA men’s basketball tournament field was revealed on Selection Sunday, giving 68 teams their road map to a national title. That road will lead to the Final Four in Houston, but where did each team’s journey begin?

A majority of the 50 states have at least one team in March Madness this year. Many states have multiple schools in the bracket, while others across the country have no representative at all.

With the tournament set to begin on Tuesday with the First Four, here is a look which state each team in March Madness comes from:

How many states have teams in 2023 March Madness?
Thirty-seven states, along with Washington, D.C., are represented in this year’s 68-team field for the NCAA Tournament.

Which state has the most teams in 2023 March Madness?
Texas leads the pack with seven teams in this year’s tournament: Baylor, Houston, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas A&M-CC and Texas Southern.

California has the next-most teams with five. After that, Iowa and North Carolina are the only other states with more than two teams in the bracket.

Which states do not have a team in 2023 March Madness?
Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Wyoming do not have a school in the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Two of those states – Alaska and Maine – have never had a team in the NCAA Tournament. Alaska doesn’t have a Division I school, while Maine’s men’s basketball team has not reached March Madness in its 93-season history.

2023 March Madness teams by state
Here is the full state-by-state breakdown for this year’s NCAA Tournament:

Alabama (No. 1 seed, South)
Auburn (No. 9 seed, Midwest)
Arizona (No. 2 seed, South)
Arizona State (No. 11 seed, West)
Grand Canyon (No. 14 seed, West)
Arkansas (No. 8 seed, West)
Saint Mary’s (No. 5 seed, West)
San Diego State (No. 5 seed, South)
UCLA (No. 2 seed, West)
UC Santa Barbara (No. 14 seed, South)
USC (No. 10 seed, East)
UConn (No. 4 seed, West)
Florida Atlantic (No. 9 seed, East)
Miami (No. 5 seed, Midwest)
Kennesaw State (No. 14 seed, Midwest)
Boise State (No. 10 seed, West)
Illinois (No. 9 seed, West)
Northwestern (No. 7 seed, West)
Indiana (No. 4 seed, Midwest)
Purdue (No. 1 seed, East)
Drake (No. 12 seed, Midwest)
Iowa (No. 8 seed, Midwest)
Iowa State (No. 6 seed, Midwest)
Kansas (No. 1 seed, West)
Kansas State (No. 3 seed, East)
Kentucky (No. 6 seed, East)
Northern Kentucky (No. 16 seed, Midwest)
Louisiana (No. 13 seed, East)
Maryland (No. 8 seed, South)
Michigan State (No. 7 seed, East)
Mississippi State (No. 11 seed, Midwest)
Missouri (No. 7 seed, South)
Southeast Missouri State (No. 16 seed, South)
Montana State (No. 14 seed, East)
Creighton (No. 6 seed, South)
Nevada (No. 11 seed, West)
New Jersey
Fairleigh Dickinson (No. 16 seed, East)
Princeton (No. 15 seed, South)
New York
Colgate (No. 15 seed, Midwest)
Iona (No. 13 seed, West)
North Carolina
Duke (No. 5 seed, East)
NC State (No. 11 seed, South)
UNC Asheville (No. 15 seed, West)
Kent State (No. 13 seed, Midwest)
Xavier (No. 3 seed, Midwest)
Oral Roberts (No. 12 seed, East)
Penn State (No. 10 seed, Midwest)
Pitt (No. 11 seed, Midwest)
Rhode Island
Providence (No. 11 seed, East)
South Carolina
College of Charleston (No. 12 seed, South)
Furman (No. 13, South)
Memphis (No. 8 seed, East)
Tennessee (No. 4 seed, East)
Baylor (No. 3 seed, South)
Houston (No. 1 seed, Midwest)
TCU (No. 6 seed, West)
Texas (No. 2 seed, Midwest)
Texas A&M (No. 7 seed, Midwest)
Texas A&M-CC (No. 16 seed, South)
Texas Southern (No. 16 seed, East)
Utah State (No. 10 seed, South)
Vermont (No. 15 seed, East)
VCU (No. 12 seed, West)
Virginia (No. 4 seed, South)
Gonzaga (No. 3 seed, West)
Washington, D.C.
Howard (No. 16 seed, West)
West Virginia
West Virginia (No. 9 seed, South)
Marquette (No. 2 seed, East)

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