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Meet the multifaceted Jesus Gaskon, from being a teacher to a tattoo artist.

Jesus Gaskon is a renowned and talented Spanish tattoo artist who has taken his art worldwide. Hundreds of clients from all over Europe travel to his studio in Valencia to show off a work of art made by his hands. With his innate talent, he transformed his life from being a plastic arts teacher to a renowned tattoo artist.

Born in Madrid, from a very young age, he showed interest and charm in drawing and painting. Moreover, he had an excellent aptitude for drawing, so he began to study art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia. After researching and obtaining one of the best averages and grades of his promotion, he decided to dedicate himself to teaching, to give classes in plastic arts and technical drawing.

After some time, teaching, he realized he did not feel fulfilled. So, years later, he became interested in the world of tattoos because he saw a way to express his creativity in that discipline.

In 2015, he decided to take the step and opened his tattoo studio in Valencia. After four years, he by Noble Art, a renowned studio in Valencia, considered one of the best in Spain. With this great opportunity in front of him, he did not hesitate and left his studio to become a professional tattoo artist in a studio with branches in Valencia, Zaragoza, Zurich, and New York.

Jesus Gaskon and his black-and-white realism

After experimenting with trends, Jesus Gaskon specialized in black-and-white realism. In this style, he makes original designs and creative compositions for clients. During the last three years and since he has been at Noble Art, he has grown as a tattoo artist. Today his clients are looking for him from all over Europe to get tattooed by him.

Being a specialist in this trend has also allowed him to travel to European countries such as Germany, Belgium, and Zurich. In these countries, he has been able to connect with prestigious studios as a guest artist eventually. His mission and vision are to provide customers with exclusive service so that they leave, in addition to a fantastic tattoo, a unique experience.

To see his work, you can follow him on his Instagram account @jesusgaskon.

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