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Rising Star of the Pastry World: The Story of Víctor Jayim Chocron, a Young Chef and Pastry Chef from Venezuela

Gastronomy and pastry have been witnesses to great popularity all over the world, and among the millions of enthusiasts and the select group of chefs and pastry chefs, Víctor Jayim Chocron Gammal is one of the most outstanding. With constant discipline and a good shared energy, this young chef and pastry chef from Caracas, Venezuela, has stood out for the aesthetics and quality of his creations, achieving great recognition in national and international spaces.

Since his childhood, Víctor had the conviction of becoming someone important in the world of gastronomy, and his first steps at home as a pastry chef who loved Food Porn, where orders began to arrive and with this, the demand for time and space. With the big leap to his first official production site called «Víctor Pastelería Gourmet», Víctor has managed to expand his brand «Pastelerías Víctor» to Japanese, Italian, American cuisine and even in the world of mixology.

One of his greatest achievements was to be the creator of the Mcflurry Choco passion 2022 ice cream for McDonald’s, which marked a before and after in his career. Known for being one of the most famous pastry chefs in Venezuela, he has more than 1.3 million followers on his personal Instagram account and countless satisfied palates throughout the city with his delicious creations.

To know more about Víctor and his works, you can visit his website at, where you will find detailed information and contact him to request any of his works with a very personalized attention on his part. Without a doubt, Víctor is a great example of how passion, talent and dedication can lead to achieving great goals in the world of gastronomy.

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