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From Caracas to Madrid: The Journey of Allen Braum, Rising Star in the World of Tattoos

Allen Braum, born in Caracas, Venezuela, began tattooing in 2012 and has since devoted all his time to the art of body modification. He currently resides in Madrid, Spain. Braum’s initial training began in the capital city of Venezuela, where he spent two years preparing before opening his first tattoo studio. After a few years, he decided to put his studio on hold to focus on furthering his education and training by joining a group of high-quality artists at a professional studio in Caracas.

In 2016, Braum began to travel throughout Latin America, attending various high-profile events and working in different studios in countries such as Colombia and Mexico. The following year, he began exploring Europe, which opened up new opportunities for him in countries such as Germany, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, and more. Braum’s travels have always been focused on learning and studying new techniques, which he can then apply to his artwork.

Thanks to the positive reception he received in Europe, Braum decided to move to Madrid in 2019, where he continues to live and work today. He has spent the past few years working simultaneously in two countries – Germany and Spain. While residing in Frankfurt, Germany, he worked at one of the city’s top studios, while also operating his own private studio in Madrid.

Braum’s experience in the field has inspired him to develop special classes and training programs designed to help aspiring artists further their careers more effectively and efficiently. He continues to travel, share his knowledge and experiences with other artists, and collaborate on new projects, always striving to learn and grow as an artist. Braum provides high-quality tattoo services and attention to detail, with a focus on providing each client with a unique, one of a kind piece of artwork that captures their true essence. His preferred style is «Realism color Fantasy».

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