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Letters from Readers, Jan. 31, 2023 | Letters |

Re-think tipping
The article Last week on how tipping is getting out of control brought out many opinions.
My friends and I were talking and we came up with the thought that if you have a $20 meal it’s the same amount of work as it is for an $80 meal.

The waiter brings the water and the salads. Then brings the main meal or clears the table and  brings dessert or whatever. Then they bring the bill. It is not anymore work involved for a more expensive meal, so why is there an expected higher tip?  .

And when you do the ordering from a machine, why would they expect a high tip? The tipping is really out of control. I think fewer people are going out to eat or  getting a simple coffee, it gets outrageous because of tipping.
I can barely afford to go out for a meal and don’t need another 10 or $20 added on for the tip. We should revise this American habit.

Rachel Roach
There’s help if you want it
A recent Curt Redecker’s letter stated: “I need to renew my drivers license in person at the DMV. Part of the process is a written test, so I went to the AV DMV office to get a Rules of the Road booklet to study up. All would be well if I spoke and read Spanish, but I speak and read English and they have been out of booklets in English since November.”

Curt, the US does not have an official language. However, 79% of the people speak English with 13% speaking Spanish. Curt did you know there are over 350 languages spoken in the US? .

When the US declared their impendence from Great Britain, many residents also spoke French, German, and Dutch as well as English. This is the reason our founding fathers did not proclaim English as our official language.
In 2006, a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives to make English the official language of the US, however, it was unsuccessful. Curt, half the states have laws making English their official language.
Regarding your comment: “There is a work around, but you need to have online access which I do but how about those who are not computer literate or do not have access to online services.”
Most public libraries have computer access for their patrons. It is one of their core functio

ns. 1/3 of Americans use a public library computer to access the internet, and the best part is using their computers is free, and many libraries do not require a library card.

In addition, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has provided funding for libraries to buy computers. As for being computer literate, I am almost positive the library can provide someone to assist people who do not know how to use a computer.

George Jung
Antelope Acres

SoCal monopolies
I don’t know that I can blame it all on the Southern Calif. Gas Co. when much of the blame properly rests on the Biden administration and the left wing-ding fossil fuel warriors interfering with the natural gas discovery and distribution companies.
When I received my natural gas bill today, the amount had tripled to $669 for the 29 days ending January 26. Among the layering of different rates and my own moderate usage increase, I found this suspicious rate component called Gas Commodity whose therm rate had gone up 390% over one year previous (cy $3.20, py $0.82).
I distinctly recall the Gas Co. sending out an email last month warning customers to expect their rates were going up 40%. A quadrupling of a rate by nearly 400% when applied to the entire usage certainly is a far cry from 40%.
As with the S.C. Edison Co. these giant utility monopolies have the leftist California Public Utility Commission members slurping up the camouflaged financial benefits these monoliths provide.
Larry Kissam
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