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Crook burglarizes 4 businesses at once, busting through walls between them

WILTON MANORS, Fla. – Wilton Manors police are searching for the thief or thieves who broke into four businesses during the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cash and other items were taken, and the business owners were left with a mess to clean up.

The businesses are located in a shopping plaza off Andrews Avenue.

It started in a pet grooming business, with the criminal making entry through a tiny window.

Petty cash was stolen by the crook before they busted a hole into the wall using the lid of a toilet.

Through that hole was a dry cleaning business.

They ended up going through three different shops the same way, and it seemed like they knew what they were doing.

The security system from the dry-cleaners was swiped before the thief moved on.

A few doors down is Gregory Todd’s bail bondsman business.

Todd found a damaged file cabinet and hole in his wall.

He does have a camera set up in the back of the business, but whoever the criminal was went to great lengths to avoid it, including cutting wire and moving the camera.

What was recorded on video was a broom pushing the camera up to avoid cameras picking up his or her movements.

The final spot that was hit was a hair salon owned by Dawn Amundson.

“The whole door was smashed in,” she said.

Amundson has already replaced her door, but said cash was taken from her drawer and two bottles of wine that were stored away in a closet.

Wilton Manors police went to the businesses and dusted for fingerprints.

The business owners hit say they hope the person or people responsible are arrested.


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