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Polina Cohen, from Fine Arts to the world of tattooing


is a tattoo artist born in Moscow, Russia, who at just 4 years old began her career in the world of plastic arts, taking her to study at art school and finally university.


In addition to her career in the institutional field of the arts, she began tattooing at the age of 17, despite the fact that, as a university student, she did not have the necessary resources to pay for the tools she needed as a tattoo artist. However, her friends observed the deep passion that Polina had for this art, who helped her buy her first machine and also allowed her to make her first tattoos. In this way,  polina cohen realized that her true destiny in life was to become a tattoo artist.


Ella polina cohen knew that she wanted to be an independent tattoo artist, so she always had the goal of moving to New York, to become a renowned tattoo artist. However, her journey has been complicated, long and challenging, as polina cohen has had to work hard and learn as she goes through years of practice, which have helped her improve as an artist and as a person.


polina cohen has had to work in itinerant workshops, working in other areas, jobs that she finally decided to give up to dedicate herself full time to being a tattoo artist.


Within her experience, she has tried multiple tattoo styles, among which realism, watercolor, abstract and geometric stand out; she until she finally found the style that perfectly suited her vision as an artist, dark realism.


During the year 2021 Polina Cohen was all over the United States attending conventions, tattoo shows and as a guest to different places to learn new techniques and improve her style. This great predisposition to learn is what has allowed her to always be open to growth and become a highly professional and talented artist.


polina cohen began her career at a very young age, going from Fine Arts to finding her true passion in the world of tattooing. On this path, she ventured into one of her most complicated decisions, leaving her native country in search of her dreams, in order to become one of the best tattoo artists in the world; and with all her effort, and the rapid growth that she has had during these years, we know that she will achieve it.

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