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This Couple Felt Trapped In Their Bodies Until They Made These Incredible Changes To Their Lifestyle

Lexi and Danny Reed became role models across the world when they turned their lives around in 18 months. Feeling trapped in their bodies, the couple set out to find freedom. Lexi challenged herself, and Danny, to refocus their lives, changing their diet and exercise.

Determined to be happy and healthy for the first time in their lives, the couple was ready for any challenges that laid ahead. Read ahead to see just how drastic and inspiring their transformation was!

Lexi’s Weight Was An Uphill Battle Since Birth
Lexi Reed struggled with her weight since childhood. The battle to lose weight never went her way. When she would manage to lose some, it would always come back. Still, she never let her appearance keep her from being social and happy.

When she turned 25, her weight began to take a severe toll on her life. She weighed 392 pounds, and he happiness was fading. The hardest part for Lexi was that her body was holding her back from achieving her dreams. Things looked bleak, but motivation was waiting just around the corner.

Lexi and Danny Reed were always meant to be together. When the couple began dating, it was clear Danny didn’t care what Lexi looked like. He had fallen madly in love with the amazing person she was. Luckily for Danny, Lexi felt the same way about him.

Of course, our story doesn’t end here. Danny struggled with his own weight issues, and together they made bad food choice after bad food choice.

They may have been happy together, but they weren’t healthy together.

Danny and Lexi knew they had a problem, but didn’t deal with at the time. Danny was 280 pounds and encouraged gluttonous eating. When it came time for meals, they never cooked, preferring to order in massive amounts of food or eat out.

Sadly, the couple has even admitted they used to spend hours at buffets eating until they were stuffed. Eating was easily their main activity and most shared interest. It was also ruining their health. They might not have realized it at the time, but if they hadn’t changed their lives, they might not be alive today!

Lexi Reed knew she had a problem and talked openly about it, hoping to help others with the same issues. Growing up, she said, «we never had a lot of money and my parents never cooked. Processed foods were always easier to purchase than healthy foods.»

When she started dating Danny, things didn’t change. They actually got worse. When they weren’t at restaurants Lexi said they would binge eat and watch TV. She added, «no matter what the mood, food was always there for me.»

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